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High-Quality Background Removal Service

We provide high-quality image background removal services with affordable prices and quick turnaround time. Get your next project done with Clipping Path Edits.

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Background Removal Service

Get photo cut out services at an amazing price

Make your images more attractive, and engaging with our background removal service! Get your images by effortlessly eliminating distracting backgrounds, allowing your subjects to shine. Whether it’s for e-commerce, professional portraits, or other creative projects, we seamlessly extract and replace backgrounds, delivering crisp and captivating visuals. Transform your photos into polished masterpieces with our user-friendly and efficient image background removal service. 

Price starts at $0.29 per image

Why Choose Clipping Path Edits?​

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100% Manual image editing

Our image editing & background removal service processes are 100% manual. We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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24/7 Customer support

We have 24/7 dedicated customer support team to look after your photo editing and clipping path service project.
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Affordable Prices

Our image editing & clipping path service prices are so affordable and budget-friendly.

Quick Delivery

We have the fastest delivery records for the largest batch of photo edits. Get your edited images within 24 hours.

Background Removal Service Samples​

Check out our recent background removal work samples 

How It Works?

Editing Work Process

As Easy As 1-2-3

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Request Quote

Request a quote for the images that you need to edit and receive our feedback within just 60 minutes or possibly earlier.
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Approve Quote & Send Files

After getting the quote email, approve the quote and send us your images to edit. We will start working right away.
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Get Back Edited Images & Pay

When our team completes image editing, we will send you the files and you'll have the option to request corrections. If you are satisfied then you can pay now with your preferred payment method.
Editing Work Process

Types of Background Removal Services We are Providing

Simple Background Removal Service

Clipping Path Edits Simple image background services are designed for those pictures that have fewer curves and edges, and it takes some minutes to finish the cut-out. Photographers always outsource these kinds of images for cut-out if they get a large batch. Because it saves a lot of time for them and helps them to reduce the post-production cost

Eliminate your distracting backgrounds, as we meticulously detach and replace them, allowing your subjects to take center stage. Perfect for all kinds of images, our service guarantees a seamless photo cut-out. At Clipping Path Edits, we believe in making background removal effortlessly remarkable for you. Get a free trial today!

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Medium Background Removal Service

Our medium image background removal services are very useful for Photographers and editors from all over the world. They outsource their background removal services to save time and money. As the medium type of images has more curves and shapes then it takes much more time than the simple images. At this stage, they take the opportunity to outsource them to a company like ours.

Clipping Path Edits has a dedicated team of editors who are only working on background removal projects. Our editors have more than 10+ years of experience in photo cut-outs. We use Adobe Photoshop’s Pen tool to separate the background from the images. NO AI services -guaranteed-only human editing can help you to get the perfect results. Try us now for a test edit!

Complex Background Removal Service

There are so many images that have more complex shapes, curves, and holes. Those types of images are listed in the complex category and we have set the price according to it. These complex images are very time-consuming when you want to cut the background with Photoshop. In this case, we provide perfect solutions for your complex image background services.

Our professional image background removal experts can take care of your complex images cut out with great attention and give you the perfect results you look for! You can try our free trial to know how we can perform with your complex shape objects. So, get a free trial now!

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Super Complex Background Removal service

Images with very complicated shapes and curves are considered as super complex background removal services. It takes so much time to cut out the subject from an image. If you do it manually then sometimes it takes a few hours to complete the whole cut-out.

For these kinds of super complex cut-outs photographers and editors sometimes get stressed and they get distracted from their main work. As a result, they fail to deliver the project to their clients on time. Clipping Path Edits can help you out with these super complex photos cut out to save you time and give you a stress-free life. Deliver your projects on time with our affordable image background removal services.

Client Feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

A background removal service is like having a digital eraser for your photos. It’s helps to cut-out the main subject from the clutter and distractions to make the image stand out. Whether it’s a product, a person, or anything else you want to focus on, background removal experts use photoshop pen tool and advanced techniques to isolate it from its surroundings. This helps you to get a clean, crisp, and attractive image that’s perfect for any presentations, and advertisements. With our background removal service, you can make sure your subject takes center stage, without any distractions stealing the spotlight.

Actually, the price depends on the image’s complexity and your requirements. you can read our above descriptions to get an idea about the category of images. However here is an overview of our pricing. You can also request a quote for your project.

Yes, absolutely we do. You can send 2 or 3 images as a free trial to see how our services work and our quality of work. Send a free trial now!

It depends on the quantity of images. Our minimum delivery timeline is 24 hours. You can get back your medium project images within 48 or 72 hours maximum. Large project takes more time. But if you have a special delivery timeline for your client then we can also do that. This can cost more than the regular price.

Yes, of course we do. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. That means, if you don’t get what you wanted, then you can request feedback. Until satisfaction, we will do redo’s. 

Well, you can pay via Payoneer, Wise, Western Union, Xoom, and Bank Transfer. We will help you to set payments when the work is done. The process will be very easy. Don’t worry about that. We have more than 250+ clients from 65+ countries who use the above payment methods without any hesitation.

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