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Our ghost mannequin services can make your apparel images more decent and attractive. Which will help you to sell more apparel online. Cost-effective services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Get Invisible Ghost Mannequin services at Clipping Path Edits

Mannequins have become the most essential part of e-commerce product photography. Instead of using live models mannequins are mostly used nowadays. It helps to reduce the cost of hiring a live model. But to present your product on the e-commerce platform you must need to edit the mannequins to make your images more consistent. At clipping path edits, we do all kind of mannequin editing like, neck joint, bottom joint, and sleeve joint, and 3D effects. Our ghost mannequin services is designed for e-commerce business. Get a free trial now!

Price starts at $0.29 per image

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Our image editing & ghost mannequin service processes are 100% manual. We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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We have 24/7 dedicated customer support team to look after your photo editing and clipping path service project.
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Our image editing & clipping path service prices are so affordable and budget-friendly.

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We have the fastest delivery records for the largest batch of photo edits. Get your edited images within 24 hours.

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Types of Ghost Mannequin Services

Neck Joint Service

In apparel product photography when photographers shoot the product with mannequins the neck part of the apparel stays in the back. So, the back part needs to be added to the main part of the apparel. This is known as neck joint service. Photographers shoot the main part of the apparel with mannequins and then shoot the back part separately.

As joining the neck part with the main part of the product is very time-consuming and tedious, photographers outsource these tasks to a professional photo editing company like us. We know how to join the neck perfectly with the product image. Our consistent and high-quality services are reasonable as well as very easy to use. Request a quote for your next project!

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Bottom Joint Service

Bottom joint is similar to neck joint services. In bottom joint, there needs to add the bottom part of the apparel product. Our photo editing experts remove the mannequin from the apparel and add the extra part of bottom.

It makes the image look very attractive and authentic. Customers get the full view of the image with no mannequins. So, they can easily take decisions by purchasing the items when it shows fully clean with all the details of the products. At clipping Path Edits, we ensure the maximum quality bottom joint services at an amazing discounted price. Got more questions? Message us now.

Sleeve Joint Service

Doing photography with apparel products is a very challenging task. Photographers get many problems during photography. But not all problems can be solved during the photography session. Some problems can be solved only in the editing section. With our sleeve joint service, we joint the sleeves with the main part of the image very perfectly.

We use Adobe Photoshop tool to stitch the sleeves where the mannequin existed before. Our experts have more than 10+ years of experiences in ghost mannequin services. Get cost-effective ghost mannequin effects from Clipping Path Edits.

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3D/360 Pack shot Effects

In e-commerce business product image plays a crucial role. Without good quality product images you can’t generate enough sales. If you have great quality images then you will get more sells and generate more revenues. To make the product more amazing and lively we use 3D or 360 packshot effects.

Our experts can perfectly add 3D effects on your apparel products. Which will make your image attractive, engaging and elegant. So, what are you waiting for? Get a quote for your next project now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

A ghost mannequin is like a dummy model for clothing photography. Instead of using a live model, a mannequin is designed to be invisible for clothing photography. It helps creating a neat and professional look for apparel images. It’s typically made up of detachable parts that can be tucked inside clothing to give it shape and structure without showing up in the final photo.

We seamlessly remove visible mannequins from clothing images, leaving behind a “ghost” effect that highlights the garment’s shape and fit without any distracting elements. With our skillful hands, ghost mannequin services ensure that your clothing photos look polished and professional.

Actually, the price depends on the image’s complexity and your requirements. you can read our above descriptions to get an idea about the category of images. However here is an overview of our pricing. You can also request a quote for your project.

Yes, absolutely we do. You can send 2 or 3 images as a free trial to see how our services work and our quality of work. Send a free trial now!

It depends on the quantity of images. Our minimum delivery timeline is 24 hours. You can get back your medium project images within 48 or 72 hours maximum. Large project takes more time. But if you have a special delivery timeline for your client then we can also do that. This can cost more than the regular price.

Yes, of course we do. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. That means, if you don’t get what you wanted, then you can request feedback. Until satisfaction, we will do redo’s. 

Well, you can pay via Payoneer, Wise, Western Union, Xoom, and Bank Transfer. We will help you to set payments when the work is done. The process will be very easy. Don’t worry about that. We have more than 250+ clients from 65+ countries who use the above payment methods without any hesitation.

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