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photo retouching services

Professional Photo Retouching Services

Clipping Path Edits provide photo retouching services such as Portrait retouching, product photo retouching, Headshot retouching, wedding retouching, and other Photoshop retouching services.

photo retouching services

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Photo Retouching Services

Perfect retouching for every picture. Shine your Images today.

Clipping Path Edits is the best photo retouching company that provides all kinds of photo retouching services like headshots, portraits, weddings, products, and other images that need retouching. Our retouching services are designed for photography studios, graphic design agencies, e-commerce businesses, and other media who need to shine their images before publishing on the internet or in print. Get high-quality pictures at an affordable price today!

Price starts at $0.39 per image

Why Choose Clipping Path Edits?​

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100% Manual image editing

Our image editing & photo retouching services processes are 100% manual. We ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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24/7 Customer support

We have 24/7 dedicated customer support team to look after your photo editing and clipping path service project.
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Affordable Prices

Our image editing & clipping path service prices are so affordable and budget-friendly.

Quick Delivery

We have the fastest delivery records for the largest batch of photo edits. Get your edited images within 24 hours.

Photo Retouching Services Samples

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How It Works?

Editing Work Process

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Request Quote

Request a quote for the images that you need to edit and receive our feedback within just 60 minutes or possibly earlier.
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Approve Quote & Send Files

After getting the quote email, approve the quote and send us your images to edit. We will start working right away.
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Get Back Edited Images & Pay

When our team completes image editing, we will send you the files and you'll have the option to request corrections. If you are satisfied then you can pay now with your preferred payment method.
Editing Work Process

Types of Photo Retouching Services We are Providing

Portrait Photo Retouching

Portrait photo retouching services are the most demandable retouching service in the graphic industry. Photographers from all around the world outsource their portrait retouching to other companies like Clipping Path Edits. The main reason is that portrait retouching needs much attention and time to perfect the image. But the photographer doesn’t have that because they have more work to do.

So, they decide to outsource them to us and focus their time on the shooting or other tasks to grow their business. Our services are also very reasonable to afford and we deliver the images in a timely manner. Give us a try for a test today!

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Wedding Photo Retouching Services​

A wedding is the most beautiful moment in the world as it combines two souls forever. People love to capture these moments with wedding photography. It has become one of the most used traditions to photograph the wedding ceremony to save their memories forever. But not every wedding picture comes out perfect while shooting.

In this case, Clipping Path Edits is the best solution for you. You can outsource your wedding projects to us whether you are a photographer who doesn’t have time to shine the images or a wedding event manager who doesn’t know how to make the images perfect. Our wedding photo retouching services are very low in price but great in quality. Send us a free test today to see how we can shine your images.

Headshot photo retouching

Headshot is the best way to express any person’s personality. If you are running an online business then a headshot is a must-needed thing nowadays. Photographers from all over the world who shoot headshots need our headshot retouching services.

Our headshot photo retouching services are high-quality, affordable, and very professional compared to the other headshot retouching providers. In most cases, we use a clean white background and mask the image with the greatest fineness. We also use backgrounds according to our client’s requirements. Try our headshot retouching services now!

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E-commerce photo retouching services​

Clipping Path Edits also provides E-commerce product photo editing services to photographers and e-commerce business owners. Edited images can grab more attention to your products than raw images. So, we help to make your product photos eye catchy to the visitors.

We work on Products such as bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, furniture, electronics, clothing, glasses, and all kinds of product categories to make them more attractive, engaging, and beautiful. Our product photo retouching services are professional, reasonable, and quick deliverable. We can meet the deadlines of your clients to provide a seamless experience. Get a quote now!

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Jewelry photo retouching services is all about enhancing and perfecting images of jewelry items to make them more appealing and attractive to the potential customers. We do all kind of jewelry photo editing tasks like removing blemishes or scratches, color correction, adjusting lighting, adding natural or reflection shadows, and overall enhancing details to showcase the beauty of the jewelry products.

Our jewelry photo retouching services ensure that the final images accurately represent the quality. That help the jewelry businesses to effectively market their products both online and offline. Our services are very affordable and high-quality. Get a free trial now to get started.

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Old Photo Restoration Services

Digital photo restoration service breathes new life into cherished memories captured in faded or damaged photographs. Using advanced digital techniques in Adobe Photoshop, skilled restoration experts delicately repair scratches, specks of dirt, and discoloration, while preserving the authenticity and charm of the original image. There also need to enhancing contrast, sharpening details, and correcting color balance to recreate the vibrancy of the image.

Whether it’s a family portrait or a vintage snapshot, Clipping Path Edits old photo restoration services ensure that you will get back your old memories back to life. Send your old, damaged images now and get polished and lively images back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Photo retouching is a photo enhancement technique, where skilled retouchers carefully enhance and refine images to make them look their absolute best. Photos are enhanced by smoothing skin, removing blemishes, adjusting colors, and even reshaping body parts if needed. It gives your photos a glamorous makeover while still keeping them natural and authentic. Whether it’s for portraits, fashion brands, e-commerce products or even just your favorite selfies, photo retouching can turn ordinary photos into stunning photos perfectly. It’s like pressing the “upgrade” button for your photos!

Actually, the price depends on the image’s complexity and your requirements. you can read our above descriptions to get an idea about the category of images. However here is an overview of our pricing. You can also request a quote for your project.

Yes, absolutely we do. You can send 2 or 3 images as a free trial to see how our services work and our quality of work. Send a free trial now!

It depends on the quantity of images. Our minimum delivery timeline is 24 hours. You can get back your medium project images within 48 or 72 hours maximum. Large project takes more time. But if you have a special delivery timeline for your client then we can also do that. This can cost more than the regular price.

Yes, of course we do. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our services. That means, if you don’t get what you wanted, then you can request feedback. Until satisfaction, we will do redo’s. 

Well, you can pay via Payoneer, Wise, Western Union, Xoom, and Bank Transfer. We will help you to set payments when the work is done. The process will be very easy. Don’t worry about that. We have more than 250+ clients from 65+ countries who use the above payment methods without any hesitation.

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